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Creative Industries Faculty


The Creative Industries Faculty of Stirling High School is a forward looking, industry-focused faculty including the Music,  Art & Design and Health & Food Technology Departments.

We are committed to providing a wide range of learning experiences that prepare pupils for future pathways within our school and towards the world of work.

We value the impact that extra curricular experiences have on pupils' learning and personal development and offer a wide range of clubs, activities, workshops, performances and exhibition opportunities to celebrate the fantastic talents of our school community.

Summer Concert Tuesday the 18th of June 2024-School Assembly Hall, 6:30pm


The Christmas concert is held annually in The Church of the Holy Rude on the last Monday of this term.   All extra curricular music groups and clubs will perform in the concert so please put the last Monday before the end of term in your diary and share with parents and carers and friends.

Alumni Information: 

Celebrating our Learners' Achievements

Virtual Concerts & Gallery

To celebrate what would have been our Summer Concert this year and all of the great work and creativity of pupils during this period of home learning, please enjoy the selection of performances and Art Gallerries below that have been created during home learning by our school pupils and the Stirling Council Music Ensembles featuring some of our pupils:                                

 SHS  Virtual Choir

Stirling & District Schools Pipe Band

Stirling Council Senior Guitar Ensemble

SHS S3 Music Performing Class Band- Shotgun

Stirling Council Schools Choir- The Parting Glass

SHS Art & Design Department Pupils

Click the videos below and enjoy!

Our BBC Learning LAB 

Stirling Sound Walk Podcast

SHS Virtual Choir

- Best Days of Our Life

SHS Virtual Choir- Count On Me

SHS Virtual Gallery 2.m4v
SHS Virtual Gallery 1 copy.m4v

Art & Design Dept.-Virtual Galleries


S3 Class Band- Shotgun

Stirling and District Schools Pipe Band- ‘Beaches of Harris’ suite recorded live in Stirling & Reels MacIsaac’s Wedding and Knees up in Hanoi.

Stirling Council Guitar Ensemble- Eleanor Rigby

A Musical Celebration at Christmas from 

Stirling High School Music Department

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas video.  

Thank you to all pupils and staff who contributed to the video.

Feel free to Tweet @SHS_MusicDep to tell us how much you enjoyed it.

Supporting our learners

We aim to ensure that pupils' learning experience is enjoyable and rewarding.  To ensure that we do our best to reach this goal we provide the following opportunities, experiences and resources:

Study Planner

Download our planner to help pupils manage their workload and prioritise their learning in periods of home-learning and when in school.

[Template] My Study Life Balance Planner template.

Skills Development:  The 5 Cs

The Creative Industries Faculty build a range of subject-specific skills, qualities and attributes in our pupils as they progress through the Broad General Education and the Senior Phase.  In addition, we have a strong focus on the 5 C's skills framework as we develop pupils' key transferable skills for the work place.

Critical Thinking