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About the Art & Design Department

At Stirling High we offer a wide range of creative experiences to pupils across a range of disciplines. Within the Art & Design Department we facilitate learning for pupils in expressive, design, critical evaluation and photography studies.

We offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We currently offer a lunchtime sketchbook club to allow pupils to explore their own creative ideas with teacher guidance. We also offer a printing club after school where pupils have the opportunity to learn and experience a range of manual printing methods utilising the extensive range of manual printing materials we have within the department.

Higher Photography at Stirling High School uses our Photography Computer Suite with access to a class set of modern DSLR cameras and shooting equipment. Higher photography is currently available for S6 pupils only with a view to opening this up to additional year groups as the course grows.

Virtual Gallery Video

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Photography @ Stirling High School

Our pupils enjoy varied opportunities to develop photography skills in school within the Higher Photography course but also in vocational real-life settings including providing a photography and video service for our many concerts and showcase events in the faculty and across the school. Pupils learn to use software apps (including Photoshop and Pixlr) to edit and refine their creative portfolios.

Design A Reindeer Competition

Following the competition to create a design for a reindeer to be displayed in Stirling Town Centre we were delighted to see the winning designs in town in recent years.

Art Exhibition

We present a whole school Art Exhibition for the local community to celebrate pupils creativity in expressive, design, graphic design and photography. This following day, pupils undertake a 'gallery walk' as part of their Art lesson to give them insights into the progression pathways in the Art Department.


We take every opportunity to take part in local and national competitions. As a result our pupils' work has been exhibited beyond the school regularly.


We regularly collaborate with other organisations recently including The BBC Learning Lab & National Galleries Scotland

In the community

We take every opportunity to makes links with our local community including exhibitions and entering competitions to have pupils artwork displayed locally e.g. Design a Reindeer & Stirling Bicycle Network competitions.

Winter Fete

Our pupils supervised our stall selling seasonal decorations in the community event

Season 3D Design Projects

Pupils used a range of media to create to create striking seasonal decorations

N5 Expressive Folio Work 2019/20.